While Agile focuses on adaptability, the attainment of predictability is credited as a main reason why teams engage in Agile transformation.

Capture ROI

Many organizations struggle with extended build cycles and too few results delivered. Agile helps teams accelerate the delivery of value and return on investment.

Boost Results

An Agile practice enables teams to ensure that they invest only in those features which deliver maximum value and delight for stakeholders and users.

Magnify Budgets

Agile can help you optimize the use of precious budget dollars by making sure your team builds first those features which deliver the greatest positive impact.

About Alex

Alex Petty

As an Agile coach and transformation leader my work allows the technologists I serve to more successfully deliver value.

I provide leadership and process support while keeping development goals well-aligned with the needs of the enterprise. I have a passion for enabling development teams to achieve high-yield results through Agile transformation, teaching frameworks like Scrum and Kanban and by fostering a work culture conducive to productive and happy team members. I have found that this approach energizes the people under my servant-leadership to accomplish more.

My deep experience in strategic execution, software development life cycle and management has allowed me to build a well-rounded set of skills touching every aspect of running software engineering groups.

I am interested in working with organizations and projects that present a demanding challenge, adopt cutting-edge technologies and that seek to make a positive impact in the world.

Agile Spring Consulting is an Agile Management Consulting practice founded and led by Alex Petty .:.

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